Talent Search – Worship Arts 2021
Sponsored by MyHopeRadio.com



All participants entering Talent Search – Worship Arts 2021 can be male or female between the ages of twelve and thirty. 

Submission must be a video (.mp4) of the participant(s) act they will perform live if chosen for the finals. Audio must be original to video. (You can’t pre-record your song and lay it over a video.)

Submissions should not be longer than five minutes.

Loops and clicks may be used but no vocal backing tracks.

A picture of all involved must be emailed to info@myhoperadio.com after entry is submitted.

All participants must be actively involved in a local United Pentecostal Church and must have the endorsement of their pastor to participate. They must have experienced the new birth according to Acts 2:38 and must be endeavoring to live a holy life.

Below are the dress codes from the UPCI Youth Ministries for NAYC for both men and ladies who will be on the platform at NAYC. Any participant who does not conform to these guidelines will be disqualified.



Long sleeve shirts and a tie are to be worn. A coat is preferred. (Can remove coat if necessary)

No tight fitting trousers or pants that leave the leg exposed

Modest necklines

No long hair below the collar or reaching over the ears or down in the eyes or outlandish styles are acceptable. All male participants must be clean shaven (no facial hair)

No jewelry of any kind allowed except engagement and or wedding ring and watch.



Sleeves to the elbows. You are to be modest even when raising your hands.

Modest necklines, front and back, not low cut.

Hem length is to be below the knees, booth while standing and sitting down.

Splits in the skirts may not rise above the knee. Wrap-around skirts, should follow this same principle.

Slacks and pants are not acceptable. Gauchos, culottes, tights, leggings, or any other garment that divides the legs may not be worn as an outer garment.

No attire that immodestly exposes the body. Sheer material should not come above elbows or knees.

Hair must be worn in a neat fashion. If you have cut you hair in the past and have been restored, your hair must be fixed to look uncut, if possible.

No jewelry of any kind except engagement and or wedding ring and watch.

No make-up, no colored fingernails or toenails.

All participants must have repented of their sins, been baptized in Jesus name, filled with the Holy Ghost, and living an Apostolic Pentecostal lifestyle.  Please remember you are representing your family, church family, pastor, and most importantly Jesus Christ so make sure all your social media outlets represents your Apostolic Pentecostal lifestyle. T

Thank you, in advance, for respecting these guidelines.


1. Entries will be accepted beginning at noon (CST) January 12, 2021, until 11:59 pm (CST) on March 12, 2021. To enter click on ‘enter contest’ on the home page. You will fill out a form online, upload your demo video, and then pay a non-refundable entry fee of $50.00.

2. The Talent Search – Worship Arts finals will be held at the 2021 North American Youth Congress in Indianapolis, Indiana.

3. All young people between twelve and thirty years of age are welcome to enter.

4. Artists whose services are currently contractually obligated to a record label are not eligible to compete. Previous NATS/TSWA first-place winners are not eligible.

5. All songs entered must be religious/Christian/gospel songs.

6. The maximum length for songs/acts must not exceed five minutes.

7. All entries will be reviewed and scored by a panel, and MyHopeRadio.com reserves the right to replace or name new judges when necessary.

8. Winners will be announced during the offering in the Friday night service.

9. The audience text votes during the “Finals” will be counted and will ultimately determine the winners. Due to the difference in the number of people voting each night of the contest, the overall winners will be determined by comparing the percentage of votes the Wednesday finalists receive with the percentage of votes the Thursday night finalists receive.

10. All participants must agree to abide by federal, state, and local laws including, but not limited to, copyright laws and laws relating to unauthorized duplication of recordings. Participants must agree to allow their names, voices, likeness, and submitted recordings to be used and broadcasted by MyHopeRadio.com, PPH Media, and UPCI Youth Ministries during the competition and in subsequent announcements.

11. Participants must agree to hold MyHopeRadio.com, UPCI Youth Ministries, or the United Pentecostal Church International harmless for any accident, misfortune, or act of God that may arise from the Talent Search – Worship Arts or from travel related to this competition.

12. Winners hereby release sponsors from any product liability claims, product warranty claims, failure of performance, and/or inability to use prize.

13. No substitution or transfer of prizes permitted.

14. The contest sponsors reserve the right to refuse any entry and refund the entry fee at their discretion.

15. All entries become the final property of the Talent Search – Worship Arts 2021. They will not be returned.

16. All participants competing in the finals at NAYC in Indianapolis, Indiana, will be responsible for all personal expenses related to the finals. (registration, travel, hotel, food, etc…) MyHopeRadio.com, UPCI Youth Ministries, and the United Pentecostal Church International will not cover any expenses or reimbursements related to finalists competing in Talent Search – Worship Arts 2021.