Meet Left On Pine




How do you use your talent in your local church or district?
Each member of our group is heavily involved in several areas of our churches. We attend relatively small churches which means one Sunday we may be teaching Sunday school and then the next Sunday we could be leading worship. It is always an adventure!

How long have you been singing together?
We have all been involved for music for as long as we can remember. Bethany and Veronica have been singing together since they could talk!

What motivated you to enter NATS 2015?
Bethany and Veronica have always enjoyed singing together, and they decided to establish a group to try out for NATS so that they could launch their dream of recording an album.

Who would you like to send a ‘shout out’ to?
We would love to send a shout out to our friends and family! Especially to Bethany’s son, Izzy, who will be a big brother in two months!

What is your favorite ice cream?
Our favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate cookie dough.