Meet Brett Grubbs



How do you use your talent in your local church or district?
I’m very privileged to play lead guitar at my church and at NC district events. Whether it be camps, conferences, or rallies, I get to play along side some of the best musicians in the world.

Where is your group from?
We are from the metropolis city of Lumberton, North Carolina! #1 in poverty. #1 in crime rating. With the best church in NC! Where sin abound, grace abound much more!

If you could play for anyone who would it be?
If I could play guitar for anyone, it would be for Lincoln Brewster. Jamming with him would be insane!

Who is in your group and how did you get together?
Maghan Grubbs (my older sister) on the piano. James McCormick on the bass. Cedrick Mckinnon on drums. We’ve been apart of the music team at our church together for many, many years!

What is your favorite ice cream flavor and why?
Mint chocolate.. Just kidding nobody likes that. Oreo ice cream is definitely the best. Because Jesus is the only thing better than Oreos. Sorry not sorry.