Meet Sarah and John – Worship Arts Finalists



Where is your group from?
Our group is from Toledo, Ohio.


What church do you attend and who is the pastor?
We are from First Apostolic Church, Pastor Kris Dillingham and Bishop J. Mark Jordan.


When and how did you form your group?
Our group was formed in August of 2009 as just a bunch of young girls who wanted to get together and do sign language, led by Sarah Kufel. It eventually grew to include 20+ members and is now a full-fledged drama team!


What motivated you to enter NATS 2013?
When we heard that NATS had created a worship arts category, we knew that we just had to try out and see if we would be good enough to get chosen.


What other talents do you have?
John Lucas is starting a music career and has already wrote and recorded a few of his own tracks. He also sings at church, plays basketball, and is quite the parkour expert. Sarah Kufel works with the youth group and also leads the Illuminate drama team and a children’s drama team called Jr. Illuminate. She is quite the organizer of events, plays the piano, and tries to play sports.