What city to you live in?
What do you do? (school, job, etc)
How do you use your talent in church/ministry?
What do you do with your free time?
What is your favorite restaurant?
What is your favorite color?
iPhone or Android?
Are you obsessed with fidget spinners?
What would you tell someone who is thinking about enter the Talent Search – Worship Arts next year?
If you had the attention of the world, what would you say to them?

1. Toledo, Ohio
2. I just graduated high school.
3. I try to influence others to be an influencer …if that makes any sense.
4. I like to play basketball!
5. Chipotle is my life.
6. red
7. iPhone
8. no. Way.
9. You definitely should try!! You can be an influence to someone else too!
10. I’d give attention to God and tell them there is a God who can sure all sickness, a God that can fix all problems.
Alyssa Condon:
1. Toledo, Ohio
2. Work at Cake-in-a-Cup
3. I use my talent to help minister to people
4. Sing
5. Sakura
6. Pink
7. iPhone
8. No
9. Definitely enter
10. That life is too short to not take it serious.
Reece Dillingham:
1. Toledo, Ohio
2. I attend high school at Apostolic Christian Academy and work at Chick-fil-A.
3. I play the drums and bass for our worship team.
4. I play basketball.
5. Longhorn Steakhouse
6. Blue
7. iPhone
8. No, not obsessed with a fidget spinner.
9. Make sure you memorize your act frontwards and backwards, and don’t even pay attention to the crowd.
10. I would preach Acts 2:38 to the world.
Naomi Kufel:
1. Metamora, Ohio
2. I work at the Lucas County Public Library, and I’m a semester away from graduating at the University of Toledo!
3. I love working with youth and kids, teaching them to be open with each other and expressive in worship. I am the Illuminate Drama Team leader and I teach Performing Arts at Apostolic Christian Academy.
4. I’m always reading and writing, and I love to be outdoors as much as possible.
5. Black Kite Coffee & Pies (can’t go wrong with local brunch)
6. blue…every shade imaginable
7. I’m Switzerland
8. …what even are those anyway?
9. Be like Nike and just do it!! Competition or no, it is such a one-of-a-kind experience to share with so many people and to plug them in to the creative connection that you personally have with God. It is empowering and inspiring, and I would encourage everyone to reach for it. Don’t let the pressure or nerves get to you, just let God manifest all his greatness through your talent and passion. You will not reget it, and you will remember it forever.
10. Oh, so many things. Don’t get caught up in the petty, material things. Don’t be controlled by the drama, the hype, the chaos. Slow down, enjoy the quiet, and keep seeking after truth. Laugh more. Read a book. Read God’s book–often–because He’ll always reveal something to you. Cherish your family and friends. Forgive. Life’s too short to be spent nursing animosity. And above all, there is a God that loves you in spite of all your failures, and he is only one who can heal your soul.
Jadon Thompson:
1. Toledo, OH
2. School, and I have a lawn care business in the summer
3. I am a Sunday school teacher, do media (put the words on the screen and play vids etc.) also I play my saxophone occasionally.
4. I like to fish, play basketball, play chess and shoot my bow.
5. Sakura
6. blue
7. iPhone
8. No I hate them
9. You should do it because you don’t know how many lives it could affect.
10. I would say to trust in God with all your might, and never sell out for anything because nothing in this world is worth burning in hell for eternity.