Harmonic Prophets

Isaac Sanchez:

1. What city do you live in?- Lafayette, IN

2. What do you do? (school, job, etc)- Interventionists at Lafayette Christian School. I help kids with special needs. University: IUPUI

3. How do you use your talent in church/ministry?-
I am involved with the music ministry at my church by playing piano, organ, bass, & drums. Also, I work in the music ministry department within our IN district  as well as our Spanish IN district such as camps & youth rallies. Music is not my only ministry. I’m also involved in preaching & translating. I also help out with my home church’s daughter work & our Spanish ministry.

4. What do you do with your free time?
Spend time with family, hang out with friends, church, love playing sports, & I love to travel.

5. What is your favorite restaurant?
Anything that is Italian.

6. What is your favorite color?

7. iPhone or Android?

8. Are you obsessed with fidget spinners?
Not really

9. What would you tell someone who is thinking about entering tuhe Talent Search – Worship Arts next year?
Pray & do your best!!

10. If you had the attention of the world, what would you say to them?
Jesus is the answer to all your problems.

Dillon Jordan:

1. Frankfort, IN
3.on CLC worship ministry team
5.Cheesecake Factory
9.make sure you are prepared
10. Jesus is greater than your problems

Cameron Hopper:

1. Kokomo IN
2. Security Account Manager
3. On CLC Worship Ministries Team
4. I love to Fish
5. Cheesecake Factory
6. Blue
7. iPhone
8. No, waste of time.
9. Stay connected with your team.
10. “Who’s wants to fund the Harmonic Prophets world tour?”

Jordon Frye:

1. Bloomington
2. Graphic Designer
3. Pianist at Blackwell Pentecostal Church and head of Advertising
4. Hang out with my smokin gorgeous girlfriend
5. Red Lobster
6. Purple
7. iPhone
8. No they’re dumb
9. Okay for the lord!