Meet Kenley Burkett




How do you use your talent in your local church or district?
I sing on our praise team, and help in leading our youth praise team once a quarter.

How long have you been singing?
Ever since I can remember. But if I had to put an age on it I’d say 2-3. About 12 years.

What are five things I can’t live without?
1: A personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

2:The ability to communicate. Communication is definitely one of the greatest gifts given to us from God. Without communication, where would we be? What would life be like? Muted. Silent. Hand gestures. It’s odd to think about, but it really makes you appreciate the ability to speak and be understood.
3:Touch; Scientist say that if a child is born and never picked up or never touched, he or she will go mentally insane, or be really messed up in the brain not being able to function properly. Touch is important for sanity.
4:Knowledge; For me, it is very important to learn and grow intellectually. Knowledge is one of the greatest abilities we have; The ability to learn.
5:Perseverance; Because in life, there are so many countless opportunities to give up, but the people who keep on have the biggest chance in life at being happier. And I believe that happiness and God are necessary for their full potential to be reached in humanity.

What motivated me to enter NATS?
My parents. Definitely my parents.

If you could sing for anyone who would it be?
If I could sing for ANYONE, it would be someone I could encourage through that song. Knowing I could cheer them up with a positive, uplifting song would help me help them! When I see other people happy, it makes me happy, and seeing someone receive pure, true joy through something I did is one of the best feelings.