Meet Jonathan and Keagan Denney – Group Finalist



What church does your group base out of?         
Harrison Hills Church, Jewett, Ohio

How long have you been singing together?
All our lives…we are brothers.

How does your group minister in your local church or district?
Jonathan and Keagan  both have a passion for music and ministry and are very involved in the Ohio District. They have worked alongside their parents at Sunday School camp as well as other opportunities during Youth Camp.  Last year they recorded one of their original songs on the Ohio All-State Youth Choir project. In addition to recording they traveled with the choir on their annual tour.
During the summer of 2012 Jonathan and Keagan ministered in Europe. Specifically in Slovakia and Serbia at the Serbian Senior Youth Camp. This year they are a part of a team of young people that are taking the gospel to remote villages in the Alaska bush areas.  

What motivated you to enter NATS 2013?
We want to encourage and influence our generation in worship.

What other talents do you have?
Jonathan: Electric, Acoustic & Bass Guitar, Drums, Piano, Songwriter, Voice Imitations   
Keagan: Artist, Songwriter, Piano