Meet Bonilla




How long have you been singing together as a group?
As siblings we’ve been singing since we were kids. But it wasn’t until November of 2010 when we moved to San Antonio, Texas, that we started the band. Five years of doing what we love the most, music.  

Where is your group from?
We were all born in Salem, Oregon, raised in Mexico City, and currently live in San Antonio, Texas. So we are from wherever you want us to be.

What church do you attend and who is the pastor?
We attend to the church Harvest Tabernacle, located in the small town of Divine, Texas. Our senior pastor is Billy Patrick. We love you pastor!

What is your favorite restaurant and why?
Mexico Cities street tacos. Although we can’t really consider them as a restaurant, because they are on the street, we all love those tacos and crave them constantly. Why? because they are good. (just like that)

If you could sing for anyone who would it be?
If we could sing for anyone? that’s a good question. We all have our different opinions for this one, but I know we could all agree on this. If Bonilla could sing/play for anyone then we would play for ANYONE. If someone is in need then that’s the person we want to play for. But we also wouldn’t mind playing/singing for artist such as Hillsong or Marco Barrientos.