Meet Four14




How do you use your talent in your local church or district?
All three of us have sang at various camps, sectional youth events, conventions, and conferences in the Tennessee district. Within our local church we are involved in aspects of the worship department that include leading worship, singing, and playing keys.

How long have you been singing together as a group?
We started singing together when Zarisa moved to Memphis in June 2013, but the group Four14 was officially formed in September 2014.

Who is in your group and how did you get together?
Tyler Reid, Abbie Crump, and Zarisa Parkey make up the group Four14. Tyler was born and raised in Memphis Tennessee, and he is a graduate of Indiana Bible College. Abbie was also born and raised in Memphis, and she currently attends the University of Memphis. Zarisa was born and raised in Tulare California, but she now lives in Memphis. She attends Christian Brothers University. We became friends the moment Zarisa moved to Memphis and quickly found out that we all enjoyed singing together.

What church do you attend and who is the pastor?
We attend The Pentecostal Church, and our pastor is Bill Parkey.

What is your favorite restaurant and why?
Our favorite restaurant is Cheesecake Corner, not to be confused with Cheesecake Factory. It is a Memphis staple that we have gone to for years. It is located in Downtown Memphis and is a fun place to hang out and take visiting friends to show off the good eats in Memphis.